Enjoy peeking into my naughty mind to discover some inspirational ideas for exciting, humiliating, and erotic methods & fantasies of enforcing strict female authority

Public Humiliation - In front of the Girls!

One thing that always gets me excited is public humiliation - or simply the prospect of being exposed in some humiliating situation in front of more than just female at the same time.

(Just to be clear, I don't like being humiliated or playing in front of men, it's a total turn-off).

When being humiliated in front of other women, the psychological and sexual impact of the erotic stimulation is exponentially more than humiliation in just a one-one-one scenario.  I would say at least 10 times more powerful with each additional female present!

This is by far the biggest set of images I have, probably because I find public humiliation so stimulating. My advise to females in control is to use other women around you to intensify the impact of your authority and his humiliation.

Personally, I only feel this excitement around beautiful or attractive women.  It's actually more of a turn-off for me if I'm humiliated in the presence of an unattractive women or a man, so I would hope that never happens.  However, the opportunity to use attractive women around me to humiliate me is sooooo easy, especially since its easy to see who I find attractive as I have no problem pointing beautiful women out, even when I try to be discreet and not get caught staring at them.  There are beautiful women everywhere, and so many would love to collaborate (spontaneously or planned) in an amusing situation of my public humiliation.


  1. Dear Sissy boy.

    Love your blog and pictures. However I strongly object to the term "public humiliation". Personally I do consider it an honor when my wife "shows" me off to her lady friends or loves. Then she gives me attention and I am involved in her personal life. But then again this is me.
    Pls continue with your great blog, love to read it.
    Cucky (in full denial since 1/1/2006)

  2. Yeah the women i think should be 20 to thirty years old and fenimine as well as pretty. My only concern would not to make them uncomfortable with the situation. if the laugh or even a sly smile would be great then see if they want to get involved

  3. I've been required to try on panties in a Frederick's while wife waited. It is SUCH a turn on and SO humiliating!

  4. Thankyou for such a great site, I showed it to a very good friend who was struggling with the concept. After she had seen the site all became clear to her and she is now looking forward to putting it into practice.

    1. Thank you Lave, I'm glad that you found it helpful. Sounds wonderful that it managed to give some ideas to her. I'm happy to share more ideas a long this theme, if you/she are interested...just send me an email. Enjoy!!

  5. Yes thank you Sissy Boy for such beautiful images. My S.Lave is right I am very much looking forward to humiliating him as soon as we can get some quality time together!

  6. I love exposure and humiliation at any level that is short of being arrested. My
    second wife was very good at creating humiliating scenarios with my nakedness at stake. She was a bottomless pit of creations. My favorite was when she suggested we stop at this dive of a pub for a couple of beers and watch the football game. She was not much on beer and didn't like sports either so I was a tad curious.It was not long before I was lifted from my bar stool by 3 biker types, drug into the back room, stripped naked and fucked and forced to suck on the pool table. I saw my wife standing in the archway entrance to the pool room hands folded across her chest and a huge smile on her face. Till then I thought I was being raped. She had set it all up with her bartender friend and I was the only one in the pub that did not know.Her episodes were many and spanned 6 yrs.

  7. Public humiliation is so emasculating. Do you hear the giggling? Turn around! Girls!!!

  8. My wife sent me into a beauty parlor which specialized in odder work, like mohawks, so they were not exactly vanilla. I was in a straightjacket and wore a gag; she pinned a note on my catsuit that they would unstrap the gag to cut the back, but the ball was to stay in my mouth. If I were to spit it out, they could rub it in the cut hairs before putting it back in. Of course I was wearing a chastity cage which did not go unnoticed by the women. Ultra humiliation, but I LOVED it; too bad that I could not get the erection that I so wanted to "show" my enjoyment.

  9. My wife takes me to her spa for monthly waxings. The specialist is truly beautiful... she can have any man she wants. She is always very amused at my femininity and my erections which she considers pathetic. They laugh and have a really good time as I am stripped bare to my very pink bikini area. When finished they put me in a pair of paper panties with elastic waist and legs. They escort me to the car in my heels, bandeau top and paper briefs without regard to who sees me. This is more than humiliating but also very exciting. When we get home I am forced to fuck a bucket of ice water until I will fit back in my belt.

  10. I was raised in a carnival as a girl. My mom insisted my tiny penis would not allow me to pass for a man. One of our best attractions is a kissing booth where I am the target of many many mens tongue sucking tangos. This always turns me on to no end but mom insists it never go any further than the booth. I finally sneaked out to meet a man I had a wonderful kiss with for a rendezvous. I sucked him and jacked him until he came all over my dress. I'm sure he never suspected it was my hard on that leaked down my legs into my high heels. I still haven't told mom and I am looking fwd to my next encounter.

  11. 65 yr old sissy crossdresser. Abused child kept in diapers & dresses as young male with 3 sisters. Entire neighborhood saw me as did relatives. Married a wonderful woman who helps me stay dressed and diapered. Into nylons, garters, bras, little girl frilly dresses, rubber pants cloth diapers, nightgowns. I am diapered 24/7. I am very lucky.